Have the Best Summer Staycation in your Own Backyard

Posted by Caroline Fallon on Aug 6, 2020 1:00:00 PM

With coronavirus still prevalent, travel is scarce and you may be itching to get away to do something different. However, you don’t need a tropical island or an expensive vacation to have the best summer. With a little creativity, you can have the most perfect summer staycation right in your own backyard.

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Cleaning Patio Pavers will Keep Your Yard Looking Brand New

Posted by Caroline Fallon on Jun 5, 2020 12:50:05 PM

Patio pavers are very versatile. With them you can create hardscape projects, such as a patio for relaxing, a driveway, an outdoor firepit and even an outdoor kitchen. Many different things can come out of patio pavers that can create an outdoor living space that you’ll never want to leave. Follow our tips for cleaning patio pavers to keep them looking like new for years to come.

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How To Create the Perfect Outdoor Living Room to Get You Outside

Posted by Caroline Fallon on May 13, 2020 1:00:00 PM

Are you wondering how you can get outside while also continuing to abide by social distancing guidelines? Try transforming your outdoor space into the perfect outdoor living room. No matter your budget or yard size restrictions, you can create the best outdoor sanctuary for yourself. Check out our great tips to get yourself living outdoors more.

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Keep Yourself Busy While Staying Home with Outdoor DIY Projects

Posted by Caroline Fallon on Apr 17, 2020 4:03:45 PM

Social distancing may be keeping you from going out and visiting friends and family, but that doesn’t mean that it needs to keep you trapped inside. With the warm weather approaching, this is the perfect time for some outdoor DIY projects and fresh air. We have a list of some fun DIY projects that can be found with materials you may have around your house.

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Creating Elegant Outdoor Entertaining Spaces for all Seasons

Posted by Tom Hallissey on Apr 13, 2020 10:19:15 AM

When you have the perfect patio, backyard fun doesn’t have to stop after Labor Day. With outdoor living features, like cooking islands, fireplaces and fire pits, you can have a beautiful outdoor entertaining space that makes for memorable holiday get-togethers.

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How Long Do Pavers Last? And Other Frequently Asked Questions

Posted by Tom Hallissey on Apr 7, 2020 2:51:25 PM

When planning a hardscape project, it’s perfectly normal to have a lot of questions, like “how long do pavers last?” or “will stone colors fade?” To help you get ready for an outdoor living project, Nicolock prepared a list of answers to five of the most common paver questions.

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Retaining Wall Landscaping: Where Form Meets Function

Posted by Tom Hallissey on Apr 7, 2020 12:51:22 PM

Retaining wall landscaping is a win-win for a homeowner. Not only do they look beautiful, but they are functional, too. With decorative landscape walls from Nicolock, you can create the outdoor living design of your dreams.

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Stepping Stones Create a Beautiful Backyard Oasis

Posted by Nicolock on Feb 11, 2020 10:00:00 AM

A beautiful stone path can be the perfect complement to a paver patio. This simple hardscape project add-on is known for adding elegance to a house’s exterior. Very often, stepping stones are the finishing touch a homeowner doesn’t realize they couldn’t do without.

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Choosing an Outdoor Fireplace or Fire Pit

Posted by Nicolock on Aug 13, 2019 4:16:22 PM

Whether you’re entertaining friends and family or just enjoying a relaxing evening under the stars, there’s nothing like the warmth of a fire. What’s more, a fire pit or fireplace can enhance your lifestyle and extend your outdoor enjoyment well into the colder months. And while both offer different features and benefits, a well-thought-out fireplace or fire pit is not only warm and welcoming but can act as a focal point. Whatever your choice, you’re sure to enjoy it for years to come. 

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Transform Your Backyard into Paradise

Posted by Nicolock on Jul 15, 2019 12:19:06 PM

There’s never been a better time to enhance your lifestyle by turning your backyard into a multi-purpose room – perfect for relaxing, entertaining and a great way to add value to your home. Your outdoor space can be as comfortable, innovative and as stylish as you want. But before you build the backyard of your dreams, we have a few tips to make the experience efficient and successful.

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