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How to Choose an Outdoor Fireplace or Fire Pit

Posted by Nicolock on Nov 9, 2022 2:55:17 AM

During the warmer months, a patio, porch or backyard can offer a wonderful place for entertaining guests, socializing with friends or just kicking back and relaxing by yourself or with family members. But why limit your use of your home's great outdoors just to blue-sky days? A wood-burning outdoor fireplace, a propane outdoor fireplace or a fire pit can extend your seasons in the sun.

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Stepping Stones Create a Beautiful Backyard Oasis

Posted by Nicolock on Nov 9, 2022 2:51:23 AM

If you are looking to beautify your backyard while protecting your landscape and adding to the value of your property, backyard stepping stones offer one of the simplest solutions. Even though it's one of the easiest hardscape projects, a new stepping stone path will bring you multiple benefits. As a top manufacturer of paving stones and stepping stones for more than 60 years, we here at Nicolock are happy to provide you some tips for how you can make your backyard paradise even more beautiful and inviting with outdoor stepping stones.

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Transform Your Backyard with Pavers: Design Ideas

Posted by Nicolock on Nov 9, 2022 2:43:24 AM

Paradise found: A smart backyard remodel can turn your outdoor living space into a divine space. Besides providing a place for solid entertainment, backyards with a creative flourish can serve as great places to relax with friends and family or chill out alone. In addition, if you transform your backyard with some good backyard design ideas, you can add value to your property. For some exciting backyard paradise ideas, read on.

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Neapolitan Wood-Fired Pizza Recipe

Posted by Nicolock on Nov 9, 2022 1:29:29 AM

When hanging out with friends or relaxing with your family, what is your go-to dinner option? For many, the answer is pizza. Take-out pizza, however, doesn't come close to a delicious Neapolitan-style pizza you can make in your backyard using your wood-fired pizza oven installed by Nicolock. This pizza recipe is sure to impress, just as much as the oven itself.

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Classic Outdoor S'Mores Recipe

Posted by Nicolock on Nov 9, 2022 1:25:34 AM

Imagine sitting around an open fire with your friends or family and everyone's craving something sweet. You go inside to gather the ingredients for a classic treat that can be made over your Nicolock firepit. That's right: it's time for s'mores.

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Authentic Homemade Tomato Pasta Sauce Recipe

Posted by Nicolock on Nov 9, 2022 1:15:27 AM

Whether you call it Sunday gravy or marinara, nothing beats the flavor of a slow-cooked tomato sauce made from scratch. Not everyone has all day to devote to simmering a sauce, but what if you could make it outside while tending to your yardwork or relaxing in the sun?

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Grilled Buffalo Chicken Wings Recipe

Posted by Nicolock on Nov 9, 2022 12:55:23 AM

Do you have a brand-new Nicolock outdoor kitchen with a built-in grill, but need some culinary inspiration? With our grilled Buffalo-style chicken wings, you can breathe fire into any outdoor gathering or family meal. These wings are easy to make, yet they taste like you've worked your fingers to the bone.

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Finding a Contractor for Your Landscaping Project

Posted by Nicolock on Oct 21, 2022 5:22:33 AM

So you've decided to start a big landscaping project. Congratulations! A successful makeover will add beauty, comfort and value to the exterior of your home.

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The Expert Guide to Sealing Pavers - Nicolock Paving Stones

Posted by Nicolock on Mar 29, 2022 12:42:17 PM


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Stepping Stones Create a Beautiful Backyard Oasis

Posted by Nicolock on Feb 11, 2020 10:00:00 AM

A beautiful stone path can be the perfect complement to a paver patio. This simple hardscape project add-on is known for adding elegance to a house’s exterior. Very often, stepping stones are the finishing touch a homeowner doesn’t realize they couldn’t do without.

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