Paver Patterns: Turn your project into a masterpiece

Posted by Nicolock on Aug 12, 2019 2:54:16 PM
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Nothing makes a project stand out more than combining deep, rich paver colors, textures and shapes into distinctive patterns. Adding this creative touch can bring a new level of sophistication and beauty to your home. Plus, paver patterns are functional. They can add depth to any patio design and breakup a large expanse by highlighting specific features like an outdoor kitchen, fire pit or seating area. With paver patterns you can create a design that’s uniquely yours!      

Explore your pattern options

Choosing a pattern that’s right for you depends on your tastes and the size and complexity of your project. Here are several examples of popular patterns to choose from.


Nicolock’s Top 12 Design Combinations make choosing easy

Our top 12 were voted most popular by homeowners and contractors alike. Each combination is designed to provide the elegance that your project deserves. Starting with our rich, vibrant color we carefully design each with precision – blending colors, shapes, textures into beautiful patterns. The result; twelve unique pattern choices, ranging from subtly sophisticated to positively bold. 


Add grace and style with Nicolock circles and inlays

With Nicolock, adding an artistic focal point to your installation has never been easier. Our graceful circles and inlays bring a special touch to entryways, driveways, patios and more. Express your style outdoors with texture, shape and stunning Nicolock colors.

Nicolock Circle and Inlays


The Art Of Color by Nicolock

At Nicolock, manufacturing rich, vibrant colors is both art and science. Keeping our eye on innovative color trends and unique blends is all in a day’s work. In fact, no one blends color like Nicolock. We take color blending to a whole new level by smoothing out hues and eliminating lines. Nicolock blends have variegated tones, not spotty blotches that you see in lesser manufactured pavers. What’s more, we offer the widest variety of color choices from rustic to contemporary. We have a color palette to complement every home.

Vibrant color starts with our patented manufacturing process:

Nicolock Paver-Shield

Paver-Shield Pavers


With paver-shield™ technology, it’s all in the mix.

Our unique, state-of-the-art manufacturing process ensures that all of our quality materials are precisely measured to create a consistent, durable base mix. During this process, iron oxide bonds with cement molecules resulting in the most vibrant color seen throughout each paver. Once our base mix is created, ultra-fine sand, Portland cement and additional color come together to create our unique paver-shield™ technology.

The result; a tight, smooth surface texture combined for superior color, strength and beauty that will last a lifetime!

For the best in color, quality and style – look no further than Nicolock.

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